Roof Fixings

Whether you need fixings suitable for attaching wood or metal, regardless of thickness and finish, our friendly and knowledgeable team here at Roofing Sheets and Fixings can offer you advice.

Roof Fixings
Roof Fixings

Roof Fixings Types

Roofing Sheets and Fixings offer a wide range of tek screws and associated products to meet all of your fixing requirements.

We offer carbon steel and bi-metal fixings, with a choice of 16mm, 19mm and 32mm washers, colour moulded heads push-on colour caps and drive sockets.

Whether you are fixing steel sheets, fibre cement, purlins, masonry, composite panels or aluminium products, we have the solutions necessary for our customers.

Types of Roof Fixings

Roof Fixings
  • Light section tek screws (for drilling between 1.2mm and 3.5mm in thickness).
    Our range is comprised of various sizes including 16mm, 25mm, 32mm, 38mm, 50mm, 75mm and 100mm.

Roof Fixings
  • Heavy section tek screws (for drilling steel with a thickness ranging from 4mm to 12.5mm).
    Our standard heavy section range includes sizes: 32mm, 38mm, 50mm, 75mm and 100mm lengths.

Roof Fixings
  • Stitching screws (for stitching sheet laps).
    We offer 3 standard sizes of stitching screws: 4.8 x 16mm, 6.3 x 22mm, 8.0 x 25mm.

Roof Fixings
  • Fibre cement tek screws (for fixing fibre cement sheets to timber / steel purlins and rails).
    We can offer these fixings to suit light steel purlins, heavy gauge steel and timber purlins. These fixings are available in a variety of lengths and are supplied complete with a 'baz' type washer.

Roof Fixings
  • Composite panel fixings (for fixing composite panels to purlins/rails).
    Our range of composite panel fasteners will cover panels from 25mm through 125mm into light gauge steel, along with 35m through 115mm into heavy gauge steel.

  • Bi-Metal fixings (stainless steel screw, carbon steel drill point/lower threads).
    We can offer a select range of bi-metal fixings for applications involving materials such as aluminium or where a specific guarantee is to be maintained. We can offer light section, heavy section and composite ranges.

Roof Fixings
  • Wing-Drill screws (for fixing timber to steel, CSK head).
    We can supply this range of fixings with a CSK head for a flush looking finish on-site. We offer both light and heavy section options in a variety of sizes ranging from 38mm through 135mm.

Roof Fixings
  • Masonry anchors (for fixing battens, trunking and track to masonry).
    We offer these fixings in both hex head and CSK.
    Lengths available: 32mm, 45mm, 57mm, 70mm, 82mm and 100mm. Diameters: 6.3 DIA (HEX and CSK), 4.8 DIA (CSK).

Additional Roof Fixings

Bonded washers – available in 16mm, 19mm and 32mm diameters. These can be added to any standard hex head tek screw or masonry screw (bw 16).

Colour caps (push-on style) – these can be supplied in a range of different colours to match the colour of profiled sheet or composite panel you are fixing. These can be supplied to match RAL and BS references.

We offer encapsulated coloured heads on a wide range of the hex head fixings we stock, which translates to saving time on site.

Our range includes drive sockets, drill bits, jigsaw and recip saw blades to compliment our range of fixings. Please enquire for more details (dibph3, condrivekit, mes516).

If there is a fixing product that you require that is not listed, please contact us at our Lincolnshire branch and we'll endevour to find a solution, supplying you with the necessary fixing component.

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