Purlin Supported Roofs

Purlins are useful for supporting the loads from the roof deck or sheathing. We have a comprehensive range available throughout Lincolnshire, priced competitively.

Purlin Supported Roofs
Purlin Supported Roofs

Purlin Roof Systems

Zed Purlins – the established 'classic' section delivers maximum load bearing efficiency with quick and easy installation. The range we supply to the UK has been improved on dramatically, allowing these products to demonstrate leading standards in their structural class.

Cee Section – distributed throughout Lincolnshire, these Cee sections work with the Zed Purlins range. Cee sections can be cut and punched to customers' requirements, making them highly useful in a range of building projects.

Our Purlin roof system products are created using hot dipped galvanised coil to B.S. EN10147 Fe E350G – Z275.

Quality is assured, meeting certified ISO 9001:2000 requirements.

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