AshGrid Supports

AshGrid was the first spacer support system developed for built-up metal roofing and cladding. Since its development in 1989, it has been the leading product in the market as a result of continued research, testing and development. This continued advancement of its materials and features has led to the introduction of a new, high performance Safe-LocTM bar and bracket system which ensures that AshGrid continues to meet the ever-increasing demands of Building Regulations.

It is vital that all spacer support systems have reliable, tight fitting bar connections to ensure complete strength and stability during the construction process. As a result of this necessity, the AshGrid AG40 spigot design's Safe-LocTM feature reduces risk on site and removes the need for fixings to prevent bar separation - and all at the click of a tab.

AshGrid Roofing Supports

AshGrid is manufactured to the very highest standards, including BS EN ISO 9001:2000, and every component is carefully produced to specific Ash and Lacy designs. These have gone through stringent quality controls and checks, ensuring maximum performance and quality.

AshGrid comes in a huge range of bracket heights. It also provides an assessed firewall solution meaning it is perfect for use in a variety of situations. And because it is available from a number of manufacturing and distribution centres throughout the country, fast turnaround and delivery times are guaranteed for our customers.


  • High performance brackets with improved structural performance, through the use of specifically designed deeper ribs
  • The preferred choice of contractors thanks to its simple, strong, cost-effective solutions
  • All brackets available in a range of heights: from 60mm to 280mm
  • Available with a range of adjustable brackets: from 100mm to 315mm
  • Below 250mm construction, there's no need for anti-sway brackets
  • Multi-use product providing numerous solutions for roofs, walls & firewalls
  • Technical back-up and nationwide distribution
  • Manufactured to UK industry standard, with over 55 million metres installed over 15 years
  • The new Safe-LocTM spigots provide secure, fast and completely safe bar joints with no need for extra fixings
  • AshGrid ensures that maximum spigot efficiency is achieved and maintained every time

For AshGrid Supports: 0800 859 5183